Last modified March 28, 2023

Cost optimization tools

Adoption of Kubernetes still requires monitoring cost drivers. Improving resource utilization allows you to get the most out of your infrastructure, while maintaining your budget. This document is comprised of a curated list of helpful tools on the journey to cost optimization. The list is based on our experience building and running our own infrastructure, in addition to learnings we gained from working with large global enterprise.

Visualization and Optimization


Dev/Test clusters

  • Janitor, a tool that leverages on resource annotations to clean and set TTL for your deployments, find out unused volumes,…
  • Kubernetes Downscaler scales down deployments on your non production cluster based on some conditions
  • Cluster cleaner automatically removes workload clusters after a defined amount of time.


Cost optimization is a journey. You will find you need to adopt different tools and continually tweak your setup to get the greatest benefit from cloud native.