Last modified March 22, 2023

GitOps at Giant Swarm

GitOps at Giant Swarm?

Here at Giant Swarm, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a successful GitOps journey.

In order to achieve this, we run presentations and workshops with you to help get you started, offer an opinionated template which is crafted around our environments, and additional tooling to generate and validate your resource manifests before they are applied.

We want you to have complete ownership of the resources you apply to your clusters and to ensure this, in general we have no visibility of your source manifests or configuration. These will always remain your responsibility to create and manage.

What we care about is your success and we recognise that understanding and tracing issues with the process can occasionally be difficult. This is why we provide tools that can emulate the behaviour of flux inside our environment, for you to run against your repository before committing changes; and for when that fails, we encourage you to reach out through our support system for help.