Changes and Releases

Updates on Giant Swarm workload cluster releases, apps, UI improvements and documentation changes.

  • What’s changed

    The changes below currently are only relevant to Giant Swarm staff.


    • Bring back cluster count in new MAPI based org list (#2311)


    • Access control UI tweaks (#2329)


    • Ensure that MAPI requests always use a fresh, not expired token (#2321)

    Dev changes

    • Update architect orb to 2.6.0 (#2335)
  • Added

    • Do not validate and mutate for CAPI controller release versions
    • Adding validation for worker instance types in AWSMachinedeployment CR.
    • Prevent max number of nodes in AWSMachinedeployment CR to be 0 or smaller than min number of nodes.
    • Prevent upgrades (changing release version label on Cluster CR) if the Cluster has not transitioned yet.
  • Changed

    • Rename clusterissuer subchart to match it’s name in its Chart.yaml. (#140)
    • Make pods of deployments use read-only file systems. (#140)
    • Make pre-install/pre-upgrade hooks use server side apply. Possibly fixes upgrade timeouts. (#140)
    • Update generated content
  • What’s changed

    Happa has had some changes which will not be immediately visible to customers.

    These are all part of our move to eventually enable identity provider based log in for all users of Happa, and in doing so, also allow Happa to communicate directly with the k8s API of the installation.

    Giant Swarm staff is testing and validating the changes. Customers will be invited to log in using an identity provider when the documentation and communication around this is more developed.


    • Truncate cluster ID label if longer than 5 characters (#2308)
    • Update the validation regex for organization names (#2303)

    Added (Currently visible only to Giant Swarm staff)

    • Add organization detail page, together with the new access control UI (#2288)
    • Use what’s in the UI annotation for org name if it’s there. (#2307)
    • Orgs listing using MAPI, also for non admins (#2297)
    • Organization management using the MAPI (#2286)
    • Add a logout link to the insufficient permissions screen (#2299)
    • Change “There is a problem” headline to “Insufficient permissions” (#2294)
    • Create component for n/a label (#2319)
    • Push to shared app collection (#2290)
    • Update generated content
    • Update generated content
  • This release provides a bug fix for the external-dns-app.

    Warning: The nginx app needs to be updated to v1.14.0+ because a new version of external-dns is included in this release.

    Change details

    external-dns 2.3.0


    • Change default annotation filter to match the one we use for the nginx ingress controller.


    • Add sidecar container for provider: aws to periodically validate IAM credential acessibility (#76)