happa Release v1.0.3


  • Make sure the helm stable catalog will be loaded after EOL (November 13, 2020). (#1954)
  • Improve the usability of the admin-only users page. (#1946)
  • Send real user monitoring data to the Giant Swarm Rest API (#1974)


  • Fix a rendering problem in MS Edge where in cluster creation, in the releases list, the show/hide button would cause a content re-flow (#1956)
  • On an app details page, don’t show the PROVIDES label if appVersion is not given (#1957)
  • On an app details page in the Other Versions tab, display unknown if the appVersion is not given (#1958)
  • In an App Catalog, fix app names that disappear on mouse-over (#1953)
  • Don’t reload the page when pressing enter in the app search form. (#1952)