Web UI

  • Changed

    • This release improves support for Azure regions that have no availability zones (such as Germany West Central). When creating a cluster or a node pool on such regions, there won’t be any option to select availability zones. (#1991)
  • Changed

    • Deleting an organization has become much simpler, right from the organization details page. We also give more explanation win case it’s currently not possible to delete, e. g. because there are still clusters running. (#1983)
    Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 12 19 19


    • When upgrading a tenant cluster to a newer release, it is now possible to skip several minor versions. You can access this via the release details dialog by clicking the tenant cluster release version on the cluster details page. (#1988)
    • When installing an app in a tenant cluster from the cluster details page, the pre-selection of the cluster to install to is now working as expected. (#1987)
    • The Release notes link in the footer now points to the actual URL. Really. (#1986)
  • Added

    • Add support for upgrading to beta versions (#1985)
  • Changed

    • Allow for node pools with zero nodes (#1971)
    • Let the ‘Release notes’ link in the footer point to the docs.giantswarm.io release page (#1981)
    • Only display that a new happa version is available if a user is logged in (#1978)


    • Clean up version picker component and truncate values (#1979)


    • Fix ‘SNYK-JS-TRIM-1017038’ and ‘SNYK-JS-AXIOS-1038255’ vulnerabilities (#1980)
  • Changed

    • Improve upgrade UX during Azure V4 to V5 cluster upgrade (#1977)
    • UX enhancements in the “About upgrading” dialog (#1966)
    • Let users retry creating a cluster, if there are server-side errors (#1974)


    • Display node pool creation error when trying to create a cluster and NPs at the same time, and node pool creation fails (#1972)
  • Changed

    • Make sure the helm stable catalog will be loaded after EOL (November 13, 2020). (#1954)
    • Improve the usability of the admin-only users page. (#1946)
    • Send real user monitoring data to the Giant Swarm Rest API (#1974)


    • Fix a rendering problem in MS Edge where in cluster creation, in the releases list, the show/hide button would cause a content re-flow (#1956)
    • On an app details page, don’t show the PROVIDES label if appVersion is not given (#1957)
    • On an app details page in the Other Versions tab, display unknown if the appVersion is not given (#1958)
    • In an App Catalog, fix app names that disappear on mouse-over (#1953)
    • Don’t reload the page when pressing enter in the app search form. (#1952)
  • Fixed

    • Fixed relative URLs in READMEs of Apps in the App Catalog (#1944)
  • Changed

    • Show full error output when node pool creation fails (#1942)
    • Rename None node pool Availability Zone selection to Not specified, on Azure (#1941)
  • Why v1.0.0? Well, as parents of happa, we figured that happa was riding smoothly without training wheels for some time now, deserving the v1 in front.


    • Show upgrade in progress immediately after upgrade has been started (#1940)
    • Set background color early, for less flicker during the loading process (#1937)
  • Changed

    • Discourage the usage of pre-release versions (#1932)


    • Worker node counter is broken when there are no node pools (#1929)