Last modified June 20, 2022

Giant Swarm Training Catalog

Getting Started with Giant Swarm

Team Teddyfriends

  • Who is Giant Swarm?
  • What is the Support model?
  • Onboarding into the web UI and the CLI - kubectl gs
  • How does GS help platform teams serve application teams?
  • What are best practices that we should aim for together?
  • What is some useful “technical” knowledge? What differentiates Giant Swarm from other providers?

Kubernetes 101

Team Phoenix & Team Rocket

  • High level overview of microservices
  • What is Kubernetes and what are the reasons to use it
  • Basic Kubernetes concepts
  • Basic Kubernetes best practices

GitOps 101

Team Honeybadger

  • What is GitOps?
  • What are the advantages and reasons to work towards this method?
  • Tooling - our recommendations
  • Internal tour of how Giant Swarm automation and pipeline is setup
  • An example of GitOps in action

Management API and User Authentication (Single Sign On) 101

Team Rainbow

  • What is the Giant Swarm Management API and why is it important?
  • Examples of Management API best practices
  • Overview of connecting identity providers to Management API as well as Workload Clusters

Cloud Native Security 101

_Team Shield

  • What does security mean in a cloud-native world?
  • What are PSPs, NetworkPolicies, RBAC, etc.?
  • What needs to be considered in securing infrastructure outside of Kubernetes clusters?
  • Tooling options for “Day 2” operations

Monitoring and Observability 101

Team Atlas

  • What is the advantage of observability on Kubernetes?
  • Which tools do we provide and recommend? Why?
  • What does the Giant Swarm monitoring stack look like?
  • Monitoring infrastructure and applications