Last modified February 4, 2020

Installing an Ingress Controller

An ingress controller helps you expose your services to the outside world.

Not all of our clusters come with an ingress controller pre-installed. We are currently in a shift where certain releases have a pre-installed ingress controller and certain releases require you to install one yourself.

Eventually all releases will ship without a built-in ingress controller. That allows you full control to choose which and how many ingress controllers you want to run on your cluster.

Which releases do not ship with an ingress controller

Currently only clusters on our AWS installations that have a release version newer than 10.0.0 ship by default without an ingress controller.

Clusters on Azure and KVM (On-premises) continue to include nginx-ingress-controller as a default component.

How do I Install my own Ingress Controller

Using our Web UI you can install an NGINX ingress controller using our App Catalog.

  1. Click “Install App” from the “Apps” tab when viewing your cluster Cluster detail screen showing install app button

  2. Click “Browse Apps” from the “Giant Swarm Catalog” List of app catalogs including the Giant Swarm Catalog

  3. Click “nginx-ingress-controller-app” from the list of apps. List of apps in the Giant Swarm Catalog

  4. Click “Configure & Install”

  5. Click “Install App” (In case you want any special configuration, this is where you can also provide a ‘values.yaml’ with your customized settings) App installation modal

After a few moments, the NGINX ingress controller should be running on your cluster.