Last modified March 8, 2018

gsctl list clusters

The gsctl list clusters command shows all clusters you have access to with a few details like cluster ID, name, creation date, and owner organization.


$ gsctl list clusters
feogv  acme          Staging     3.0.2    2018 Feb 01, 13:59 UTC    
pmb9q  acme          Production  3.0.2    2018 Feb 01, 11:12 UTC
z63so  testteam      Dan's Test  2.7.2    2017 Jun 19, 09:12 UTC  

The details displayed are:

  • ID: The unique cluster ID.
  • ORGANIZATION: The cluster’s owner organization.
  • NAME: The name selected for the cluster on creation.
  • RELEASE: The version number of the release used by the cluster. For older clusters, this may be n/a.
  • CREATED: The date and time when the cluster has been created (UTC).