Last modified March 11, 2020

gsctl list nodepools

The gsctl list nodepools command lists all node pools of a cluster.


Execute the command with the cluster ID as the only argument. Example:

$ gsctl list nodepools 3if4

You can also use the cluster’s name for identifying the cluster:

$ gsctl list nodepools "Cluster name"


The result will be a table of all node pools of a specific cluster with the following details in columns:

  • ID: Node pool identifier (unique within the cluster)
  • NAME: Name specified for the node pool, usually indicating the purpose
  • AZ: Availability zone letters used by the node pool, separated by comma
  • INSTANCE TYPE: EC2 instance type used for worker nodes
  • NODES MIN/MAX: The minimum and maximum number of worker nodes in this pool
  • NODES DESIRED: Current desired number of nodes as determined by the autoscaler
  • NODES READY: Number of nodes that are in the Ready state in kubernetes
  • CPUS: Sum of CPU cores in nodes that are in state Ready
  • RAM (GB): Sum of memory in GB of all nodes that are in state Ready