Last modified July 31, 2018

gsctl list releases

The gsctl list releases command shows all releases available in an installation.


A release is a software bundle that constitutes a cluster. Releases are identified by their semantic version number in the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

A release provides components, of which Kubernetes is an important one. For each release the contained components are listed with their specific version. Additionally, changes in components are detailed in the release’s changelog.

An installation may support several releases at the same time, which allows to select a specific release when creating a cluster. In the near future it will also be possible to upgrade a cluster to a more recent release provided by the installation.

Usage and output

The command has no specific flags. Simply run it like this:

$ gsctl list releases

The resulting output is a list of all releases, like in the following example (in this case showing one item only):

Version: 0.3.0
Created: 2017 Oct 27, 16:21 UTC
Active: true
  calico: 2.6.2
  docker: 1.12.6
  etcd: 3.2.7
  flannel: 0.9.0
  kubedns: 1.14.5
  kubernetes: 1.8.1
  nginx-ingress-controller: 0.9.0
  vault: 0.7.3
  calico: Calico version updated.
  docker: Docker version updated.
  etcd: Etcd version updated.
  flannel: Flannel version updated.
  kubedns: KubeDNS version updated.
  kubernetes: Kubernetes version updated.
  nginx-ingress-controller: Nginx-ingress-controller version updated.
  vault: Vault version updated.

The output is formatted as YAML, to allow both user-friendly and machine-readable output of hierarchical information.

Output details:

  • Version: semantic version number identifying the release
  • Created: Date/time the release has been created
  • Active: true if the release is usable for new cluster or upgrades. false will indicate releases that are no longer usable for new clusters or upgrades, but which may still be running on older clusters.
  • Components: List of components provided by the release, each with their version number
  • Changelog: List of changes in components compared to the previous release. Note that only a subset of all components may have changed.