Last modified May 4, 2020

gsctl update cluster

The gsctl update cluster allows the modification of the name of a cluster and its labels. Cluster labelling is only available for clusters with release version 10.0.0 and above on AWS.


The command is called with the cluster ID or name as a positional argument. The desired new name can be specified with the --name or -n flag. The --label flag is used to modify a single label change. It can be specified multiple times in order to change multiple labels at once.

Name modification example

$ gsctl update cluster f01r4 --name "Precious Production Cluster"

Labels modification key=value example

$ gsctl update cluster vxvc7 --label environment=testing --label locked=

will update the labels of cluster vxvc7. It will add (or update depending on prior existence) label environment=testing and delete the label with key locked.

Full argument reference

  • --name or -n: The new cluster name.
  • --label: Specify a single label update. Allowed multiple times. To remove a label, set its key to an empty string (labeltodelete=).