Last modified February 11, 2021

Similar EC2 Instance Types


Handling of similar instance types is done in aws-operator since version 8.3.1, which has been introduced with workload cluster release v11.2.0 for AWS.

Read more about the use of similar instance types in our general article about node pools.

aws-operator creates an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) for every node pool. If the creator of the node pool activates the use of similar instance types, aws-operator looks up a list of similar instance types and configures the ASG to use all of them. The authoritative lookup list can be found in the aws-operator source.

Type mapping

SeriesSelected typeEnabled types
m4m4.xlargem4.xlarge, m5.xlarge
m4m4.2xlargem4.2xlarge, m5.2xlarge
m4m4.4xlargem4.4xlarge, m5.4xlarge
m5m5.xlargem4.xlarge , m5.xlarge
m5m5.2xlargem4.2xlarge, m5.2xlarge
m5m5.4xlargem4.4xlarge, m5.4xlarge
r4r4.xlarger4.xlarge, r5.xlarge
r4r4.2xlarger4.2xlarge, r5.2xlarge
r4r4.4xlarger4.4xlarge, r5.4xlarge
r4r4.8xlarger4.8xlarge, r5.8xlarge
r5r5.xlarger4.xlarge, r5.xlarge
r5r5.2xlarger4.2xlarge, r5.2xlarge
r5r5.4xlarger4.4xlarge, r5.4xlarge
r5r5.8xlarger4.8xlarge, r5.8xlarge

If the type you are using for your node pool is not contained in the list above, activating the use of similar instance types has no effect.

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