Last modified July 5, 2019

The Web Interface

If we did our job well then our Web Interface is so intuitive and easy to use that this reference isn’t necessary.

However, for those of you interested in having an overview of what is possible with our Web Interface, and how to access it, read on!

What can I do with the Web Interface?

Our Web Interface let’s you do the following things. Some topics link to more detailed information:

  • View and manage clusters
  • View and manage keypairs for your clusters
  • View and manage organizations
  • Manage your own account and password
  • Learn how to get started with your Kubernetes clusters by following a guide
  • Add, remove and configure Apps on your clusters.


We welcome your feedback on our Web Interface. If you feel like sharing openly, use the GitHub repository and create an issue, so other users can participate. Otherwise please use the common Giant Swarm support channels.