Last modified March 2, 2022

gsctl configuration file reference

gsctl and the REST API are being phased out. We don't have an end-of-life date yet. However, we recommend to familiarize yourself with our Management API and the kubectl gs plugin as a future-proof replacement. We provide a migration page to help you with the transition.

gsctl by default stores its configuration in a YAML file located at $HOME/.config/gsctl/config.yaml.

Warning: gsctl frequently overwrites its configuration file. If you manually edit the file, some edits unknown to gsctl, like comments for example, will get lost.


    alias: local
    token: 7d5b1161-87e6-4dfd-8017-5ab9f4e1cb14
    alias: cloud
    token: 103dc680-1b53-4ad3-b5cb-ac9b2f86134d
    alias: onprem
    token: ""
last_version_check: 2018-01-25T13:50:25.353937+01:00
updated: 2018-01-26T09:17:24+01:00

Schema description

  • endpoints: All API endpoint known to gsctl are sub-entries of this key. Each entry has the canonical endpoint URL as a key. The following attributes are allowed per endpoint entry:
    • alias: Shorthand for selecting the endpoint. This must be unique within the configuration.
    • email: Email used for authentication with this endpoint.
    • token: Authentication token used with this endpoint.
  • selected_endpoint: The currently selected endpoint URL. Can be empty.
  • last_version_check: Date and time gsctl has last checked for a newer gsctl version (when calling gsctl --version).
  • updated: Date and time when the configuration file has been modified.