Last modified March 2, 2022

'gsctl info' command reference

gsctl and the REST API are being phased out. We don't have an end-of-life date yet. However, we recommend to familiarize yourself with our Management API and the kubectl gs plugin as a future-proof replacement. We provide a migration page to help you with the transition.

The gsctl info command lets you display information on your current status your configuration, and on the Giant Swarm installation in use.


The usage is straight forward. Just execute gsctl info. To activate printing of the current authentication token (if available), add the -v or --verbose flag.

The details printed depend on your current login status and on the provider used in the installation (AWS, Azure, or KVM).

When not logged in, a limited information set like this will be displayed:

gsctl version:        0.11.2
gsctl build:          2018-04-26T07:33:33Z
Config path:          /Users/marian/.config/gsctl/config.yaml
kubectl config path:  /Users/marian/.kube/config
API endpoint:
API endpoint alias:   gollum
Logged in:            no
Provider:             n/a

When logged in with an AWS installation, these additional details will appear:

Provider:                      aws
Worker instance type options:  m3.xlarge, m3.2xlarge, r3.xlarge, r3.2xlarge, r3.4xlarge, r3.8xlarge, m4.xlarge, m4.2xlarge, m4.4xlarge, m5.xlarge, m5.2xlarge, m5.4xlarge, t2.xlarge, t2.2xlarge, c5.2xlarge, i3.xlarge
Default worker instance type:  m4.xlarge
Default workers per cluster:   3
Maximum workers per cluster:   20

Similarly, with an Azure installation, these additional lines will appear:

Provider:                     azure
Worker VM size options:       Standard_A2_v2, Standard_A4_v2, Standard_A8_v2, Standard_D2_v3, Standard_D4_v3, Standard_D8_v3, Standard_D16_v3, Standard_D32_v3, Standard_D2s_v3, Standard_D4s_v3, Standard_D8s_v3, Standard_D16s_v3, Standard_D32s_v3, Standard_F4s_v2, Standard_F8s_v2, Standard_F16s_v2, Standard_F32s_v2, Standard_E4s_v3, Standard_E8s_v3, Standard_E16s_v3, Standard_E32s_v3
Default worker VM size:       Standard_DS2_v2
Default workers per cluster:  3
Maximum workers per cluster:  20

Output details

  • gsctl version: The gsctl version you are using.
  • gsctl build: Date and time when your copy of gsctl has been built.
  • Config path: Path to the currently used configuration file.
  • kubectl config path: Path to the kubectl configuration file in use.
  • API endpoint: The API endpoint URL you are currently using.
  • API endpoint alias: The alias of the endpoint. See gsctl select endpoint for details
  • Email: Your email address. If this isn’t displayed, you are not logged in.
  • Logged in: Whether or not you are authenticated against the API endpoint.
  • Auth token: Current authentication token, if activated and you are logged in. Only displayed when -v/--verbose is used.
  • Default workers per cluster: Number of workers new clusters will have if not specified on creation
  • Maximum workers per cluster: The maximum number of workers each cluster in this installation can have

AWS specific

  • Default worker instance type: The EC2 instance type to use for worker nodes by default
  • Worker instance type options: EC2 instance types available for worker nodes

Azure Specific

  • Default worker VM size: The virtual machine size to use for worker nodes by default
  • Worker VM size options: Virtual machine sizes available for worker nodes