Last modified March 2, 2022

'gsctl show release' command reference

gsctl and the REST API are being phased out. We don't have an end-of-life date yet. However, we recommend to familiarize yourself with our Management API and the kubectl gs plugin as a future-proof replacement. We provide a migration page to help you with the transition.

The gsctl show release command displays details of a workload cluster release.


gsctl show release 11.5.1

Output details

Example output for workload cluster release v11.5.1 for AWS:

Version: 11.5.1
Created: 2020 Aug 04, 12:34 UTC
Active: true
  app-operator: 1.0.0
  aws-cni: 1.6.0
  aws-operator: 8.7.5
  calico: 3.15.1
  cert-operator: 0.1.0
  cluster-operator: 2.3.2
  containerlinux: 2512.2.1
  etcd: 3.4.9
  kubernetes: 1.16.13
  cert-exporter: 1.2.3
  cert-manager: 0.9.0
  chart-operator: 0.12.4
  cluster-autoscaler: 1.16.5
  coredns: 1.6.5
  external-dns: 0.7.2
  kiam: 3.5.0
  kube-state-metrics: 1.9.5
  metrics-server: 0.3.3
  net-exporter: 1.9.0
  node-exporter: 0.18.1
  See release notes:

The output lines in detail:

  • Version: version of this workload cluster release.
  • Created: date and time of workload cluster release creation.
  • Active: wether this release is active or deprecated. Creating clusters with deprecated workload cluster releases is not recommended.
  • Components: included component versions in this release.
  • Changelog: link to release notes for this workload cluster release.