Last modified March 2, 2022

'gsctl upgrade cluster' command reference

gsctl and the REST API are being phased out. We don't have an end-of-life date yet. However, we recommend to familiarize yourself with our Management API and the kubectl gs plugin as a future-proof replacement. We provide a migration page to help you with the transition.

In order to upgrade a cluster to the next suitable version, use this command:

gsctl upgrade cluster f01r4

You can also use the cluster’s name for identifying the cluster:

gsctl upgrade cluster "Cluster name"

A message will be output showing the version to be upgraded, and a list of changelogs for the components that will be upgraded. Before confirming this action ensure you know the upgrade process] and the impact it entails.

To prevent the interactive confirmation, you can use the --force flag. This will simplify the use in a non-interactive scenario. Example:

gsctl upgrade cluster f01r4 --force

If you want to upgrade to a specific version, you can use the --release flag:

gsctl upgrade cluster f01r4 --release 13.0.0

You can list available workload cluster releases with gsctl list releases.