Last modified March 2, 2022

kubectl-gs reference

kubectl-gs is a CLI and a kubectl plugin (invoked as kubectl gs) for the Giant Swarm Management API.

Note: Management API support is under active development. Supported functionality depends on the provider and the workload cluster release used. Please pay attention to the compatibility information given on the individual command reference pages.


CommandDescriptionProvider info
loginEnsure an authenticated kubectl contextall providers
get appsList apps or get details on a single appall providers
get catalogsList catalogs or get details on a single catalogall providers
get clustersList clusters or get details on a single clusteronly AWS, Azure
get nodepoolsList node pools or get details on a single node poolonly AWS, Azure
get releasesList releases or get details on a single releaseall providers
template appCreate manifests for an appall providers
template catalogCreate manifests for a catalogall providers
template clusterCreate manifests for a clusteronly AWS, Azure
template nodepoolCreate manifests for a node poolonly AWS, Azure
template organizationCreate manifest for an organizationall providers
update appUpdate given Appall providers
update clusterSchedule a cluster updateonly AWS, Azure
helpGet help for a commandprovider independent

Deprecated commands:

Installing and updating

With Krew, simply install and upgrade the gs plug-in:

kubectl krew install gs
kubectl krew upgrade gs

Find out more details in our installation docs.


Otherwise, your Giant Swarm support staff is available for you in case you run into an issue. Also feel free to check our frequently asked questions on kubectl-gs.


See the GitHub project for source code, issues and pull requests.

As a Giant Swarm customer, feel free to use your Slack channel to give feedback, ask questions and suggest improvements for kubectl-gs.